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Why I love WordPress

    1. Easy and fast to install
    2. Simple to understand and to follow the instaructions (informations)
    3. Clear lay out ,well organized and structured Dashboard.
    4. Has free themes and plugins
    5. Option of working in group at the same time may be not at the same place.
    6. It is easy to add images.
    7.  I can add, edit or delet articles, images or videos of my website from the back office of WordPress.
    8. The power of blogs articles and comments.
    9. Restoration (backup) method in editing or deletting time.

WordPress Templates

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blog platform, which has the slogan “express yourself, start a blog”. However, more and more online entrepreneurs are using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for their site. That’s why I too choose WorPress for my online business, is that it’s very good idea of my part of having to choose WordPress with the help of wealthy affiliate online marketing university. If anyone asks me why I choose WordPress? my only answer is why not WorPress. Because WordPress is the Best Plateform of all , And more it allows us to have the option to have free sites to start and then it gives us the opportunity to choose to upgrade to the pro version, And that it’s very good idea from their part. I personally enjoy it because have starts with free version and now I am in pro version with my own site.


Let me talk some from the back ground of WordPress

WordPress is a CMS, And WordPress has 15 years old, it was created in 2003 but its origins go back to 2001, when Michel Valdrighi creates his software b2. The story of WordPress, it is also and above all Matthew Mullenweg who is only 20 years old and in 2004 he develops WordPress and founded the software publishing company Automatic in 2005. Musician amateur jazz (saxophone, hence his nickname “sax matt”) and piano, he is also a lover of photography. the evolution and the future of this institution of the web.WordPress is used by over 50 million web sites in the world.

Is wordpress the tool to manage my site?

Yes WordPress is a tool that, grafted to a website, allows to update the content of the latter without having any knowledge in computer science in the technical language is what is called a CMS (Content Management System)

In WordPress What is very good for the beginners is easy to install because the way to guide you is very simple and It has a very simple clear informations and options that is why, from the time of installation untill the day of starting to use It’s very easy to according to how we practice it. But in some way I can say for beginners, WordPress back office is not easy to manage. But if someone practice it often it will be easy to use.

yes the installation is very simple. Because there is very clear guide. but after it is necessary to adapt it so that it is very easy for the use and on everything to manage it.

WordPress is the evolution of a software already existing. b2 has not been extinguished with the arrival of WordPress, since b2evolution has been created, and still exists.

So it’s the b2 that gave birth to wordPress called b2 / cafelog.

This Open Source was a blogging platform, allowing everyone to create a page on the internet. It worked with the php programming language, and using MySQL as a database management system.

Why A Begginer should Choose WordPress

1. Because WordPress Is Easy and Fast to install.

2.The Dashboard is clear is easy to understand for a beginner

3.It has free themes, plugins that helps to create and build a good website.

4.It has an update system that reminds so for begginer will be good to remember and make an update.

5.WordPress is privilaged by the search engines, there is a great opportuniy that your web site to be indexed and get rank if you are using WordPress.

6.It gives you an access to use a dropshipping and secure use of payement with most known banks of the world so if you are a begginner and you want to have an e-commerce web site! WordPress is good for you.

7.The price monthly is very cheap when comparing others. and more cheaper in yearly payement.

Most use web sites URL are and

In addition to having a clean and very intuitive interface, is renowned for having a structure perfectly suited to search engines. Your site will be positioned quickly and efficiently on Google. WordPress is  also very good for any kind of use such us : webssites for the use of e-commerce, website showcase, different kinds of articles and also blog, etc …but also to the development of mobile sites. So at the End it is a perfectly secure tool on which it is very easy to add an automatic backup system.super.

So My Conclusion is WordPress I highly recommended if anyone have got a plan to start an online business or already is  in the business wolrd and want to start an online business , i advice to use WordPress.


WordPress Dashboard
WordPress free and open-source content management






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