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My web site is created to give you some amazing and so helpfull inspirational fresh informations about Wealthy Affiliate and my personal experiences in the online services marketing busness movement. Just stay connected and visit my pages, so then you will have a good ideas about what i a talking, One thing is for sure that  you will get some helpful informations for your own personal benefits in an online busness success. Who among us hates success ? who loves to be successful ? As i know , i don’t think even any one that want to be a looser ! and i am sure you are agree with me that always  each one of us loves to be sucsess full where ever he is, at school, work, sport carriere or other carriers. So you know the key of the success…keep scrolling.


My Story  started the day I meet again the E-Commerce also developping ,designing and marketing course in 2017. But i was been able to fulfill all my dreams and plans. Let me tell you a little bit about me a little back , almost 12 years ago! after getting my basic diplome of word, excel and windows etc in 1999…I was away for some years because of some problems that happens to me as it happens each one of us in our life time, i am sure there is no one that didn’t pass any obstacle in his life. ok ,let me continue…

And then i start working different kinds of jobs which does not have any relation with the job that i love to work in my life which is online business job , That’s true some times voluntarely or not situations requires us to do things we love them or not, we call this “Obligations”.

So i start working jobs that i never think that i will touch them in my life, but that is life you have to just accept that offer and keep going that is it no choice.

Becouse sometimes in life can happen that we do thingd that we dont love to do even  things we never think about, but that is life experience you have to accept take advantage of it to learn some precious things out of it. So i did work such physical jobs that lets me to know &  have some extra experiences in life, jobs such as like house Constructions, Agriculture works , painting which I loved it but did’not work for so long time so I don’t not have enough experience about it in general i love any work that let’s me move and stay strong physically so i didn’t complain about that and also i was young , and hundsome,inteligent,very fast…etc time passes & memories stay forever.

I use to love fixing Electronics still I do, watching Bicycle race & Football matches are some of my earliest childhood memories, if you want to have some sport accessories click here And now i love Riding Bicyle it is almost my daily passion, watch Box Fightings ,Swimming, and i love Reading and Watching famous people biography like:-

  • Martin Luther Germany Professor ,Hellen Keller, William Shakespear ,Nelson Mandela , Martin Luther King ,and such others ,i love to Appriciate & love to follow creative people like Mr.Bill Gates,Steve Jobs,mark zuckerberg ,and some great world leaders like Charles de Gaulle ,Bill Clinton,and Barak Obama and etc…

One after i finish all my daily activities my first thing to do is reading my bible and listening gospel songs, i love my bible. So then let me come back to 2017 which I called it one of the best years of my life! Yes it was the year of  break through,  In that same year I got some basic courses of developing, designing and marketing courses . And also I got a chance to study an online  google DigitalActive Marketing basic and Pro course and i got a certificate. So then my dreams start coming out and pushing some fantastic ideas & moving towards the marketing world and I start moving towards marketing online business such as EBay, Amazon and other online marketing web sites etc…but…

So my success will still stay on the sky if i din’t have the chance to join wealthy affiliate. With out WA success was cryptic or a little bit far to reach but the day i was in a big research, google gave me some result of about my research & in the google search result there was so many web sites, in one of them i red live your dream work from home, there is a big success on the online jobs…something like that, and i said this looks good idea and i click in my right side of the web site i was looking at suddenly there was a little pop up ads and i red a short message under a shining face of a young woman, when i red the words written in that pop up ads, I felt something inside me becouse i was looking some online help to my business,  and it inspired me & i fet that there is something in that text add that gives some answers to my research. Thank You Google, I love Google.

Now I realize that , that Person in the pop up ads was Eartha, a humble beautifull  Person who loves to help, Yes alovely young woman Eartha’s profile scriptures & picture, these words catch my attention “….background in web and …creating WordPress websites” i said i know web , i know  WordPress , i know web sites, so this should be interesting ! and i decided and i click on it, inorder  to read more & it leads me to a heaven WA (Wealthy Affiliate) Community and i met a such amazing people who encouraged me from that first minutes as my familly.

I immidiately knew that this is the right place i should be , and i said this is my place,  and that is right this is my world, my network? and  my community. I finally met my family & i subscribe and i decided to fulfill my goals with them that was one of the best decisions i have ever made in my life, so many amazing people start welcoming and encouraging me i appriciate that, thanks God for giving me this precious opportunity to meet a such amazing and gifted peopl. I belive succuss is on my way by the help of  GOD….and May Lord Jesus Help Us to accomplish our dreams.


Because there are so many people are lost like I was ! they don’t know where to go and whom to meet, they are doing something they don’t like it but they have a great potential in side them if they meet someone to lift them up guide them where they should be, so I love to be that person, yes I love to help those guys and to see them filled with joy when they meet their dream and start fullfilling what is in their heart, I love to deliver people if I have that chance and opportunity and I love to see them on high, oh yes I love that. that is the thing which makes me cry and fills my heart with joy, I love to see the feeling that I felt the day that I met someone to help me to meet my dreams.

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The goal of my site is to fulfill my dream and succeed by creating the best online Affiliate Marketing business , I love to make life easy to at least some people by preparing some online marketing in their house, on their hands in mobile devices, tablettes etc… like so many powerful people (web sites..like WA) doing great E-services by using of what the power of internet giving us in this century.

If anyone ever needs a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave me a message below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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All the best,



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