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Google wolrd’s leader search engine BACKRUB

Google is the best Backrub
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Google Communication And Publishing Tools

Google World’s Popular Search Engine

Google is the what is google thinking

quickest search engine, And every one of us knows google,

And we use google almost daily specially those we are in

the online world, And If we were asked why we use google

this much? It is because of its the fastest and high quality

online service.

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Google analtyics

Google is not limited by boundaries, Where ever you are google and its service is there. I remembered some years ago we used a yahoo, bing, ask and so many other search engines, But after the dominant explosive revelation of google we are using less than before I think.
Searching has become integrated into the fabric of our society. With google search engine every single second of every day more than 7,500 search performed worldwide. Internet users can now obtain in the mere very quick answers for their questions and searches queries.


What are Google’s Additional Services

Google offers many extra ordinary applications to all internet users specially to worldwide enterprises and companies to have a good quality of service in their daily activities and makes easy the online business.

And what amazes me is most of these service are free and pre installed services, For example if you have an email account you can have these service ready to use you don’t need to install them, Let’s see them one by one. (My Reaserch based on Wikipedia and Google other Sources)


Gmail offers us google Drive and these different additional services for free
Google Docs is a free Web-based applications which we can creat, edit and save our documents and spreadsheets.
Google Sheets is a Web-Based application the same as google docs, But with different function that allows us to creat, update and modifies spreadsheets and share the data live online. Also, we have Google slides, Google cloud platform, Google Agenda, Google Sites and also Google Photos were we can save and share our photos.

Web-based products
Search tools

1.Advertising services
Communication and publishing tools

2.Development tools
Security tools
Map-related products
Statistical tools.

3.Operating systems.

4.Desktop applications.

5.Mobile applications.

6.Hard wares.

7. More other Services. Goodgle everywhere best

Things You need to know

Google offer so many applications that does our online work easy,I will try to mention some of the many more others but the most used like.

  • Google Traslater helps to translate any language.
  • Google maps helps to find the place we look and help to the enterprises to be found by their customers.
  • Google hungout is a way of communications between Gmail users.
  • Google My Business helps to promote our business.
  • Google Market Place (G suite Marketplace) Is a product of google inc. It is an online store for web applications that work with Google Apps Script  References “Google Opens Google Apps.
  • Google Advertising service.
  • Google Adsense offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers, and delivers text-based.
  •  Google Adwords ads that are relevant to site content pages like what we have here at WA.
  • Google AdWords advertise with google AdWords ads in the Sponsored Links section next to search results to boost web site traffic and sales.
  • Google Certification Program.

  • Google AdWords partner certification program, providing AdWords qualifications to agencies that pass exams and other criteria. Replaced google Advertising Professional in April 2010.
  • Google Analytic: Using keywords and google can trucks and give us its report that help us to know our web site traffic.
  • Google Art Project, Google shopping offers us different products and sales online.
    G Suite – service for business, entreprise.
  • Google search tools
    Google search is a web search engine, which is google’s core product. It receives more than 3 billion search queries per day.


  • Google Alerts is an Email notification service me personally I receive daily google alerts so it helps me to be updated, So I recommande this to anyone I call it google news but there is also another google news service so it remains google alerts, it alerts some one applied to be alerted about a specific news or information in which love to know about daily.
  •  money exchanges, or marketing news, etc.


  • Google Books is a search engine for the full text of printed books that gives us more information about the information we are looking for, it was called also formerly print, the content that is displayed depends on the arrangements with the publishers, ranging from short extracts to entire books .


  • Google Image search is an image search engine where we can have so many images according to our search.


  • Google custom search which helps us to creat a customized search experience for our web site.


  • Google language tools, I call it google translate, this tool helps millions of users to translate and some times it defines the word researched so it is a very useful tool. And there are more other search tools.

My Review 

  • Company : Google
  • Owner. Google Inc.
  • URL:
  • Rank: 98 % 100

My Recomandation 

I advice everyone to have a Gmail Account then you have all these services for free and ready to us
What is Gmail account? Gmail account is a free internet cloud based email account.

Can everyone have a Gmail account? 

Let me answer  this question very shortly.

Yes everyone can have a gmail account and it is  for free.  here you have Gmail sign up link Gmail Account Creation

How can someone have a Gmail account?

I will show you the steps   your first step is to googl gmail sign up then it gives you this photo shown below then you fill it and with in less than 10 mins you have signed in and that is it. I have more photos but i do not have enough space so…

Google account and gmail signup link
Google is the best Backrub Google account and gmail signup link


Some more advantages of gmail account

Google docs

we will have Google docs by default.Google is the best Backrub

Google docs have a system that sharing of my posts or

documents with all of my friends or users if I want to share

them, and saves my posts and my photos I took from my

mobile which has Gmail and connected to my Gmail account,

And also we have a google blogger area were we write our

blogs for free and get money. And let me talk about Google

Ad sense which is also freely and after confirmation of your

web site you will have ads in your web site and if someone

click the ad you will earn money so also we have this opportunity Google is the best Backrub and Jaaxy best of the best Google is the best Backrub Google account and gmail signup link

And nowdays if we have just a Gmail

account we can connect to many not google accounts and get

access and If we want to book hotels, air ticket, etc. and we can

pay just by having our Gmail account by opening Paypal or a

stripe or other online credit cards. This is what I love. You don’t

need to go any where just you stay at home you buy or you pay

your booking.
And also me as I am an E-commerce seller I know

how to make a dropshipping any products from any country of

the world unless some prohibited countries we can dropship our

products and pay by our Gmail based pay pal or others credit

To have a Gmail account is just writing Gmail sign up in

google and you can sign up, fill the space required and with in Google

less than 10 minutes we can have a Gmail account confirmed,

it is very easy to have it, Then by default
we have a google drive

known as google cloud, google docs, these are word processing

software which i mentioned them below, we can have them freely

with 15 GB free space in google drive were google stores our

photos videos and files automatically backed up.

But most of other

programs like Microsoft office are not free we should buy but google

offers us for free.
Google is a search engine that i used the most,

As I am an online product user Google web or google chrome is

the most used by internet users that offers us to install extensions and connect with on Google helps us for page rank.
So to have a Gmail account is very important that offers us a great access to an online services success.

To have google account (gmail) is Highly Recommended
So if you want to have a Gmail account Click here



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