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Jaaxy The World’s Best and Most Advanced Online Keyword Tool. Which gives a lot of best informations to an online marketing business entrepreneur or an individual uses.

Owners: Kyle and Carson, who own the wealthy affiliate online university


Price: Free for starters 30 keyword research $49 per month, $99 per month.

Rank: 98 out of 100

Utilisation: online application, fast access of the site adapted to all devices, very easy to use, a friendly interface, simple instructive and overall helpful.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Helping others is one of my nature that is why I always love to inform people the good informations I got.One of the best opportunities that I have got and the experience that I have is! To be part of this big community the wealthy affiliate and to be able to know my jaaxy and promote jaaxy.

This is what I belive, Promoting Jaaxy gives me a great joy, Overall as I love to help peopleI love to see people got a help form jaaxy and the plenty opportunities they will have in their online businessI have nature that loves to help, So I am telling anyone who is reading my message here right now! To have jaaxy to their online business or personal useI know that so many people who really don’t know about Jaaxy‘s keyword search tool and its benefits just as I was 2 months ago. It is also my pleasure to reveal the awesome Jaaxy‘s keyword search tool to others inorder to those people to get all the benefits that comes from the amazing search of Jaaxy so then they can have a successful online business or for those who want to use jaaxy for their personal use, Belive me using jaax is a RELIEF.

For a professional or personal use, everyone deserves and need to perform a good research and have a good result of their research, But inorder to have this good research and good result we need to have a good keyword research tool, And don’t look this best research tool! that is Jaaxy, just joins and tries.You need to know the exact use inorder how to find Keywords for your Website.Jaxxy is a free and best Keyword tool.Yes, you can have a free trial 30 keyword searches just for free.

You can try it by your self then you will be sure that is Free. Everyone can have a Jaaxy free account and it is very simple and fast to have it. To have a Jaaxy Account is recommended because that allows you to have a full access of all Keyword Search results.

The prices to have a Jaaxy Search keyword are:-

1.Free account needs just to sign up and get 30 searches for free.

2.Free – $49 per month, Pro $99 per month.

Some of the benefits of having Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool are:-.

Finding a good Niche keywords .

  • Revealing unexploited High Traffic Niches.
  • Getting SEO success for your web site.
  • Quoted Search Results (QSR)
  • Getting Rankings and see where I am ranked in.
  • Finding affiliate Programs.
  • High Traffic, Low competition Keywords.
  • Domain Industry Secrets.
  • Showing your web site and its rankings.
  • Make lists for you online business plan.
  • Brainstorming New Niche and New Keyword searches.
  • Saved lists .Related Keywords .Alphabet Soup
  • Search History .Average (monthly searches)
  • Keyword quality Indicator (KQI)

So we can performed a good research and get a good result of our research with Jaaxy Keyword tool.


Here I want to share you some of my experiences, Know What to do Before creating a web site? 

Here we go:

My first tip is please don’t just choose any domain name or niche just like that, Because you love it or some other things…Yesyou have a right! Absolutely you can do it but first check it in jaaxy keyword tool what traffic and availability of success after you created it, because you ma choose a domain name or niche with full of competition and you do not have any ability and option to win that competition, Let me explain it to you, Look here online we are not aloneok? In my research I got these stats In early of this year 2018 there are around 4 billion internet users online, and 330.6 Million domain Names, So I just want to show you that we are not alone that are choosing a Domain name or niche?So I invite you to verify it with jaaxy keyword research first and then jaaxy will show you all availabilities traffic and competitors, Then you can choose the one that leads your business to success.I belive our aim is to succeed right?It is better to start good and grow daily and finished beautifully, This can happen with jaaxy.

How to make a good keyword research of Niche or a Domain Name? Jaaxy website research and analysis can really help you to get the exact keyword and Niche. Trust Jaaxy.

All the best things tha I have been telling you, Yes! Absolutely we can do it by the help of Jaaxy search keyword tool and I can assure you that is effective. Because Jaaxy do go behind the schenes in our behalf and do a perfect search that matches or combines with the result that you need but jaaxy don’t stop here but goes so far do a research blows out all hidden keywords and reveal the good results that satisfy your search.

Jaaxy collects these search data from the giant and leaders search engines of the world Google, Yahoo and Bing.Jaaxy is magic. Jaaxy keyword search result if immediate not like some other keyword search tools asking you to subscribe first and then to have an account in their partners, etc…

Jaaxy is not complicated, you put your keyword search and within seconds you got your result, that is it. I love this method of Jaaxy. That is what Jaxxy can do, when we do ask him to do a search in our behalf and Jaaxy do a good keyword search and comeback towards us and views in front of our eyes all the instructive and helpful informations we need.


But not only what we wish to have but Jaaxy goes beyond that, more than our demand and think about our search, and then after getting the Jaaxy Keyword research tool, we can build our web site and have a successful online business. Jaaxy got an amazing search result. This is me personally I saw it and I can assure you this is true and you can try it by your self and for free, no need to pay money.


Jaaxy is free.Me personally I saw it and I can assure you that this is true and you can try it by your self and for free, no need to pay money.Jaaxy Keyword search is very effective and for free.

Another thing that I love to tell is,Jaaxy has a very simple and clear tabs at the top menu that helps you to have access to all the options,


When I say simple is! It is not complicated or the options are not hidden. Let me explain it to you, For example the options on the top of the menu of the landing page of Jaaxy, They are very visible and clear. Inorder to know the options and to see where to find the exact tool you want? You don’t even need to search for hours and hours,Yeah you just need to hover over it and very fast drop down shows you the options and choices, then if you decide to continue to discover you need just one click and get the page you want.Isn’t amazing? Please come and see it and don’t forget to share it to someone whos is in need too please, This is what we call it helping eachother.

The tab menus we can see

  1. SearchSite
  2. RankAffiliate Program
  3. Jaaxy Help Upgrade
  4.  Keywords
  5.  Alphabet Soup
  6. Save Lists
  7.  Search History,
  8. KeywordLists
  9. Search Analysis
  10.  Affiliate Programs
  11. Brainstorm
  12. To Do List
  13.  Search History
  14.  Training, My Account.


Affilite Resources and Control Panel and more others, sometimes the tabs can be different in tablets, mobiles, laptops and office CPU Computers.Control Panel is where we get our stats and see our sales.

Affiliate Resource is where we get the Affiliate link and Search plugin, So this Affiliate link we can use it where ever we want to use it such as like in our website or any social networks not only that but We can use Jaaxy Widget as a Professional use.

Which means we can link it in our web site and have the search widget so then it can link others to the Keyword research tool.

And by doing this we can let others to get this amazing Keyword search easily that helps them to have a performed Keyword search to their online business success. That is why Everyone need Jaaxy search tool.


Finally if you are reading and you understand what is the meaning and the full use of Jaxxy Keyword Research tool I have an offer for you that is Free Keyword search on Jaaxy including 30 free keyword searches. Join here==>Jaaxy

Finally I will try to define Jaaxy in three words!
Performance, Quality, and Rapidity.

If you want to join wealthy affiliate click here Click To Signup



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